Ferrous Castings in India


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Being an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Jagdish TechnoCast provide high quality ferrous & non ferrous castings. Meeting all the quality standards, we process melt and decant Ferrous Casting materials by using advanced furnaces. Being one of the leading ferrous casting and nonferrous castings manufacturers and exporters, we carry out Ferrous Casting by using following techniques:

  • Sand Castings
  • Shell Casting
  • Investment Casting

Our ability to carry out final quality product by using different castings methods help us in providing well finished ferrous castings & nonferrous casting products. Our castings manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce complex mechanical products without compromising our quality standards. Our clientele get the assurance of getting highly efficient and mechanically strong ferrous and nonferrous Castings products. Jagdish Technocast experts also offer alloy castings.

Ferrous Material Castings usually includes white cast iron, cast malleable iron, alloy steels and cast steels.

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