SS casting manufacturers – Identifying defects and their fixing solutions

Metal casters always try their best to produce perfect metal castings. SS casting manufacturers are no different manufacturing wide range of casting components daily without any flaws. When casting processes are inspected, they have various internal or external defects that may affect overall quality of product at the end.

So, this is necessary that defects should be identified at the right time and quick action should be taken against them. When defects are fixed at the time, final product is much safe and greater in quality than it was expected. This is the reason clients always try to find out modern casting solutions with zero defects in casting components.

Scrap metals are much concern for industries and they are increasing almost every day. Manager held regular meetings to deal with the issue. So, products have to be analyzed on different basis to identify defects, flaws and corrective measures against all flaws. This is responsibility of manufacturers to identify defects and their fixing solutions as soon as it is necessary.

Producing casting components is combination of various stages not a single one. All phases should be completed carefully for corrective measures. When each and every phase is completed in right way, final outcome is of high quality and free from any error. Further, casting defects are classified into different categories on the basis of shape, design, surface design or dimensions etc.

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  • Metallic projection – When thickness of product is not accurate whenever two molds intersect together at the edges.
  • Cavities – The defects may arise at any level, so how external casting surface may intact.
  • Discontinuities – Cracks are generally visible when casted components are separated into fragments.
  • Defective surface – This affect arises when flow of metal is not smooth throughout the mold.
  • Incomplete castings – This defect may arise when any of the casting components is missing and not properly filled out.

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