Cast Alloy of The Magnesium

Magnesium alloy are sophistication of magnesium with many other alloys. Such as zirconium, rare earths, copper, silicon, zinc and aluminum. Magnesium is the lightest structural alloy.

Chemical properties of magnesium

  • Magnesium atomic mass is generally 24.305 g.mol -1.
  • Magnesium melting point is 650 °C.
  • Magnesium density is approximately 1.74 -3 at 20 °C.
  • Generally, magnesium is silvery-white color.
Wrought alloy is treated on the very extensive pressure. And cast alloy is treated on the high temperature. Alloy casting India is the branch of casting alloy in India where several relative processes are hold.

The products get after treatment of these alloys are used in the further related process. This treated product is very light in weight, have great strength, and also give a great performance.

Magnesium alloy is heated on very high temperature. It melts and then comes in the liquid state. This liquid magnesium is poured in the mold. Then a coolant is applied to cool it and then new shape is provided to this molted magnesium. We can give it infinite number of the shapes. Various molds are created to give it a perfect shape.

Their properties are slightly worst then the wrought alloys. Alloy casting India is the famous branch to cast the alloy. But wrought iron can’t get these infinite shapes by using a mold. This is because Wrought iron never got in the molted state.

But these injected molds of the magnesium have some issues due to treatment with hear and temperature. So this cast alloys material have low strength then the product get by the wrought alloys. If improper techniques are used to treat these alloys then there will be some air bubbles in this unskilled alloy. This will deflect in the final product made by using this treated alloys.

This final product is widely used in the manufacturing industries. Wrought magnesium alloys are widely in demand then the cast alloys. This is due to the less strength and insufficient performance of the cast alloys. These are widely in the demand to meet the industrial needs.

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